Why keeping a food diary helped me?

My journey to health

At the beginning of my weight loss journey in 2017. I started to eat clean and attending a gym.  I was having all “good” food, replaced rice and potatoes with sweet potatoes, quinoa, and barley.  My breakfasts were mainly eggs and a brown toast or fruit and yogurt bowl.

However, I noticed that I wasn’t losing as much as other people who had adopted the same diet as me.

It is baffling when you think you are doing it all right and still the scale and the tape measure doesn’t show any progress.

I decided to keep a food diary. Years ago when I had started to suffer from IBS, the therapist told me how it’s important I keep a food diary.  I did it for 3 months then, so I started again this time.

Food diary content

Every day I noted the following

·         my meals and snacks,

·         how I felt that night and the next day.

·         I was making a special note in relation to bloating.

·         Most of my food was home cooked or I opted for salad bars when I was at work and didn’t bring a packed lunch. 

·     How much of Niza’s Wonder Tea I was drinking.

What difference did it make?

Because I was keeping the diary:

  • more thoughts were going into what I was eating and the different elements of the ingredients in each dish.
  • I was more conscious about the snacks I was having.
  • I discovered that the time at which I had certain food impacted on how my body reacts.  For example, my body digests rice slower and If I ate rice too late for dinner, it affected my digestion and also my sleep.  So unless I was having an early dinner, I would opt to have rice for lunch instead.    

What I found out?

With time, I noticed a pattern in that some food, even though from the group of clean eating food, weren’t as good to me. 

The diary enabled me to identify and change lots of things in my diet which along with drinking Niza’s Wonder Tea and eating healthy made me achieve my goal quicker.

 Where I am now?

I have now been at my goal weight since October 2017.  I am maintaining my weight through exercise, healthy eating regime along with drinking Niza’s Wonder Tea.  Tea helps to keep me feel fuller and also keep my blood sugar constant thus no sugar cravings.  I still keep a food dairy from time to time.  After the school holidays, I would love to start doing it more regularly again. 

I actively encourage you to start keeping a food diary,  I used the notes section in my Samsung phone, but there are apps available if you are app savvy. 

Another thing which I have read online about, but not done, and which I think is a great idea for comfort eaters would be to add a time log to your food dairy.  This can help you realise a pattern into when and where you are comfort eating or over eating.

Have you kept a food dairy before? Leave a comment below to let me know about your experience.




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