Our unique blend of herbs, flowers, and roots is specifically formulated for female’s health.  It also has ingredients to support and improve your immune system.  This product is caffeine free.

  • Helps ease pre-menstruation syndrome (PMS) and pre-menstruation tensions (PMT)
  • improves period flow
  • relief from period pain and calm cramps during period.
  • promotes fertility and healthy skin

Hibiscus Flower is high in antioxidants and keeps the liver healthy.  It is also rich in vitamin C which helps the immune system.  It is very effective in balancing the level of hormones and regulates the menstrual cycle and eases period and ovulation pain.

Nettle Leaves have properties which cleanse your body, blood, flushes out toxins and facilitate maintaining a clearer skin and facilitate maintaining a clearer skin.  It also provides relief from menopausal symptoms and menstrual cramps.

Shatavari Root is a tonic for the female reproductive system.  It tones and cleanses the uterus.  it is renowned as the ultimate herb for balancing the female menstrual cycle.  It cools the symptoms of inflammation during menstruation and menopause, increases fertility and reduces emotional irritability. (PMS and PMT symptoms)

Raspberry leaves help with painful menstruation and irregular/heavy flow.  It detoxifies excess hormones which are very helpful during times of hormonal shift such as menopause or the second half of the menstrual cycle which is when most women experience PMS.

Dill Seeds is a spice which is also a natural muscle relaxant, it helps relieve cramps and pain associated with periods.


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Infusing your tea:

Directions: Infuse in boiled water. Do not boil.
1 cup: – use 1/2 scoop of tea and allow to infuse for 5 mins.
Drink at least 2 cups a day in the last half of your menstruation cycle.

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